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Our partnered attorneys endeavor to assist you in obtaining a copy of your traffic incident data. It should be noted that a report may not always be available and there could be delays in procuring a police report in some situations. Our partnered attorneys cannot guarantee a specific time frame for obtaining the police report.

Obtaining incident information will necessitate your signing of an authorization form, giving the partnered attorneys the necessary authority. If you do not sign this authorization, the partnered attorneys will be unable to secure a copy of the report.

Please note that obtaining a copy of a police report or any other information about your incident does not provide our partnered attorneys with the authority to represent you or any other party in any kind of claim.

The request for information does not establish an attorney-client relationship and is not protected by attorney-client privilege. If you or any other party wish to be represented in any case by our partnered attorneys, an appropriate authorization will need to be signed by the said party once the police report has been provided. The authorization for obtaining the police report is restricted to that particular request only.

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